Best 2 Way Radio-Positive Aspects And Functions Of These Handy Tools


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Best 2 way radio is similar to a mobile. The only difference is that they gain power from electric batteries. Further, they also have their particular cellular connection network. They implement a pre-defined set of signals to broadcast wireless voice messages among the customers. These wireless gadgets are popular pieces among huntsmen. Hunters utilize these units to stay in contact with the members present in their hunting base camps. In case of a crisis, you just have to push a “speak” button and speak up!

They are also used by police force and fire fighters. Several times, when you’re trapped in a very risky situation where you aren’t in a position to dial a phone number or, your cellular phone just isn’t receiving signals, you may easily make use of Best 2 way radio to make contact with your buddies.

These radios are easier to work with and are driven by a simpler technology, when compared with regular cellular phone.

In case you are residing in a multi-story flat or a massive castle like residence, you can utilize two Way Radios to connect with other members of the family as well as your household servants. Nearly all the five-star hotels have these stereos as a means of communication for their staff. The walkie talkie versions present in this collection are widespread toy items for youngsters. They like to speak with their buddies using these products.

The very best feature is that they offer you superior sound quality moreover, the captured signals are better than the ones which are captured by your mobiles. However, the only drawback of Best 2 way radio is that their work range is just 2 miles! This means that you can’t talk to those members who are beyond the coverage region.

By choosing correct components of these wireless radios, you will be able to readily reduce your mobile bills. Moreover, Best 2 way radio presents fast communication. So, you may replace your cellular phones with this radio, if you want to speak to your local buddies!

CGC and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel sign pact


With very little information on the internet about Walkie talkie’s, it is very rare when we get a chance to re post, with permission, an article from this industry.

Consolidated Gulf Company (CGC ), leading integrated technology and security solution provider in Qatar, will provide TETRA digital radios to Al Jazeera Children’s Channel for hassle-free group communications.
An agreement was inked between Ghanam Ali, HSSE Senior Officer at Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and CGC ‘s Abhishek Magazine, TETRA Sales Manager, in Doha recently.
Ghanam Ali appreciated CGC for its quick support. “We would like to thank CGC for their swift actions towards our order and we are defiantly recommending them for future business. We look forward to accelerate our deliverables with the help of faster group communications through CGC -provided TETRA radio sets.”
On the ocaasion, Tawfeeq Salem, CFO, CGC , expressed pleasure over serving prestigious clients like Al Jazeera. “A long list of 300 plus TETRA clients and over 12000 end-users in Qatar is a testimony to our skill-sets and proven technological capabilities. Having a dedicated team of skilled and experienced human capital, we are committed to serve our clients with best possible products and solutions to drive businesses together.”
As the foremost integrated technology solutions provider with over 25 years long experience and expertise in the local market, CGC delivers range of customized solutions in Extra Low Voltage, Audio Visual, Building Management, IT & ITeS, Security and Safety, Telecom and Fire Alarm to the industries.

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