Oil and Gas Plants with Kenwood Nexedge 2 Way Radio

Some of the trained writers on the web are at a really top level that i ponder if any of them have ever written a paperback? well every now and then i like to spotlight these brilliant content pieces and here is one i thought was fascinating the other day.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometres of oil and gas pipelines run across the most volatile and inhospitable areas of the world with vastly ranging temperatures and over difficult terrain.

Running pipelines above ground gives the advantage of significantly lower civil engineering costs, ease of visual inspection/leak detection and speed of repair, but it can also leave them vulnerable to environment conditions, accidental damage, sabotage, theft and piracy.

Keeping pipelines secure and sites running safely and efficiently in difficult operating environments poses constant challenges to the industry. The ability to communicate effectively with all cross functional teams and for them in turn, to communicate with each other reliably and immediately, not only improves operational efficiency, but also provides the means to react quickly in the event of an incident; which is why two way radios have become the communications backbone of the worlds oil and gas enterprises both in upstream exploration, extraction and production and downstream refining, storage, transportation and distribution operations.

With the advent of trunked digital two Way Radio systems, this ability to communicate by voice and data has been significantly improved in terms of quality, range, security and enhanced functionality.

Integrated Voice and Data Solutions

Designed and proven to deliver fail-safe voice and data communications to the worlds oil and gas industries, Kenwoods spectrum efficient NEXEDGE Digital trunked Two-Way radio solutions are fully scalable to accommodate large numbers of user groups spread across wide areas using wireless microwave or IP connectivity to ensure reliable service even when wired communications lines are rendered inoperable by adverse environmental conditions or acts of sabotage.

The addition of Kenwoods KAS-10 dispatch messaging and GPS/AVL software package which includes Virtual Radio IP Dispatch allows a dispatch PC to connect directly into a NEXEDGE trunked radio network and is Microsoft MapPoint and Google Earth compatible, expanding mapping areas covered to the entire globe and empowering the network with the ability to send/receive messaging, track fleet radios, voice dispatch and record over an entire NEXEDGE trunked system via IP connectivity.

NEXEDGE Digital Two-Way walkie-talkies and in-vehicle units additionally feature an Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios whatever the make; providing a straightforward and economical way to use existing radios while migrating to the benefits of digital without compromising service quality and reliability.

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