VidTalk Walkie Talkie Wants to Connect People Fast With 9-Second Video Messages Over iPhone, iPad,.


motorola xtr 2-way radioWhat is your favorite feature of the communication device wow? Personally, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

Video messaging meets Snapchat meets push to talk with VidTalk, a new application currently available for iOS devices. VidTalk looks to make “connecting with friends and family through mobile devices much easier, faster, and more personal than traditional mobile messaging.”

VidTalk offers features that fans of other messaging applications will surely find useful, not to mention easy to use. 25-second long video messages can be recorded in 9 seconds flat and within 3 touches of the smartphone screen, making it “faster than traditional messaging”. Messages can be recorded by tapping and holding an onscreen button and then simply releasing to send. VidTalk also enables instant video playback.


For those who are fearful of spying, you’ll be happy to know that VidTalk ranks as one of the growing number of applications that does not store your videos or photos, making it difficult for this information to be obtained by third parties. Users do, of course, have the option of saving videos before they’re deleted forever.

Of course, text messaging is also there, giving VidTalk Kenwood walkie talkie app that more traditional, old-school, WhatsApp-like messaging feel, which is what many people around the world still continue to enjoy.

As mentioned, VidTalk currently has an iOS version available through iTunes, but tells us they also have plans for an Android version in the near future, though a specific release date wasn’t provided.

What is sk radio


What will you do if i stated I have found a 2 way radio antenna short article that is not only fascinating but informative as well? I knew you would not believe me, so here it is the educational, superb and fascinating piece

2 way radios or transceivers are products that may send and receive data simultaneously. These walkie talkies happen to be being used since a very very long time. These were used extensively in world war ii for the objective of communication. To this day these radios are utilized in various fields. Additionally they are supplied with several features which make them simple and easy , simple to use nowadays. Instead of the earlier occasions, these radios today are compact, lightweight and could be easily transported in one spot to another.

These radios work on a technology known as frequency modulation. By 50 Percent way radios information is transported over waves of various wavelengths. The regularity from the wave also determines the length the data will visit. The bigger the frequency, the greater the length travelled through the message sent and vice versa. Most radios of the type also provide an antenna mounted on them so they can be used as simpler and faster transmission of information.

A top quality antenna guarantees the message is distributed and received very clearly and with no interference.These radios should be bought after thinking about various factors. These 4 elements include cost, the number from the radios, the design and style, using a person as well as the kind of battery utilized in these radios. When the 2 way radio continues to be bought, they have to be taken proper proper care of to ensure that their efficiency and effectiveness improve.

Among the primary things that should be stored in your mind is the fact that these Walkie Talkies should be stored inside a dry place and never in moisture. It has to be also made certain these radios aren’t dropped as this cuts down on the existence from the radios. Also these radios mustn’t be uncovered to extreme temperature conditions. This really is to make sure that the battery along with other electronic parts aren’t affected negatively through the temperature conditions. These radios will not be washed with chemicals because they might damage the various from the radio.

Additionally the batteries of those radios should be regularly checked to make sure that there’s no leakage. Any leakage within the battery cuts down on the existence from the battery along with the radio.These radios may even work on high wavelengths including ultra high wavelengths. These wavelengths are usually employed for communication over very lengthy distances.

The two way radios that work on high wavelengths are employed for communication reasons in remote areas. Also many of these radios use type of sight propagation. Which means that the two way radios cannot operate well if there’s some obstruction or maybe the terrain from the land isn’t plain. These radios also fail to work well in hilly areas.

The wireless connections that may transform our lives


My basic review of a new article it starts up well, looks quite awesome, is easy to run and actually power efficient, the communication device class (cdc) specification is a fine item. Im pleased I purchased it, read further below.

“Start Quote But the Internet of Everything is so large a concept that the vision rapidly becomes first daunting and then a bit paralysing, even to the experts. ”
End Quote Peter Day But that was long before the concept of Silicon Fen emerged from the concentration of clever people who clustered inside Cambridge University’s laboratories.

In 1990, the silicon chip design business ARM was spun out of Acorn, the Cambridge company that had made the pioneering BBC micro-computer. That was in the days when computer-makers often did their own chip designs rather than buy them in from the great big manufacturers.

ARM specialised in chips that used much less power than their rivals. It still does, very successfully. These chips have become increasingly important with the rise of mobile phones and mobile computing, ushering in a wireless world of a scale and scope undreamed of by the pioneers at Pye.

And wireless became a Cambridge speciality. Cambridge Silicon Radio (now CSR) was a company founded in 1999 to create chips for Bluetooth short range wireless communication.

Many of the newer wireless businesses are not well-known. They may have a global reach, but they are consultants or firms without consumer brand names. But that does not mean they are not making money or employing well paid specialists.
Talking domestic appliances This emergence of a wireless cluster around Cambridge is a significant addition to the British business landscape, and from it has emerged this Future of Wireless conference.

This year the subject has been the Internet of Things, or the “Internet of Everything, or Everywhere”.
Intelligent fridges have long been talked about Just imagine, say the visionaries, what will happen when we start to add sensors and data streaming devices to objects, and things start interconnecting just as people do now.
You’ll be able to monitor the security of your house from across the world, via the internet, and turn on the central heating when you’re coming home.

Doctors will be able to get live feeds of vital signs from their patients – blood pressure, sugar level, heartbeat. Sensors in stomachs will tell farmers when their cattle need medicine or extra feed.
And fridges will notify owners when they are running low on ingredients for the evening meal.
“Start Quote So many uncertainties and potential difficulties surround the idea of the Internet of Things that it is easy to scoff at the hugeness of the concept.”

End Quote Peter Day A lot of this is fairly familiar. I’ve been hearing about the intelligent fridge for almost 20 years.
Lots of appliances are now so computerised that they ought to be able to benefit from internet connectivity, so that (for example) a connected washing machine could find out how to wash a fabric not invented when the machine was made.
The experts at this conference have been driven by that vision of 50 billion connected things. And at first sight it is both dramatic and exciting for the wireless specialists.

A whole world of possibilities we can barely think about enabled by connectivity that will require some big advances in technology – bandwidth provision, low power transmission, really low-cost devices much cheaper than mobile phones.
‘Killer application’ But the Internet of Everything is so large a concept that the vision rapidly becomes first daunting and then a bit paralysing, even to the experts. Who will organise the protocols that enable machines to speak to machines? What regulation will be needed?

What about security – who might be hacking in to my central heating system?
Who will do the connecting? Existing mobile networks or new ones? Who will pay what for this extension of the convenience world?
The technology could mean farmers get sent data about their animals’ heath Where is the killer application that will suddenly have consumers clamouring for interconnected devices in the way that the internet itself took off in the 1990s after Sir Tim Berners-Lee at Cern invented the www address system, the worldwide web?

Will the current internet giants evolve into Internet of Things corporations, or will the winners be new, nimble and unheard of?
So many uncertainties and potential difficulties surround the idea of the Internet of Things that it is easy to scoff at the hugeness of the concept.
And yet, of course, it is already happening, bit by bit, sector by sector – at different speeds according to what area of industry or human activity is involved.

Cars are already hugely computerised; the European Union is mandating that all new cars in Europe will have to be fitted with what is called the eCall system, which will automatically connect a vehicle to emergency services following a collision and provide location and impact information.
(It has to be said that this was first planned in 2005 with a 2009 deadline for implementation, so there is a lot of room for drift.)

Telemedicine using sensors is being tested in various parts of the world, and may be invaluable in an ageing world. Cameras are already wirelessing their pictures to the internet.
The stands at the Cambridge conference include start-up companies involved with those farm sensors for animals to swallow and send their health data direct to farmers’ computers by wireless.
Another business is seeking to seed farmland with hundreds of cheap devices which will 2 Way Radio aridity information direct to a control room so that farmers can direct irrigation directly to the parts of fields where it is needed.

There is plenty of room for bold new disruptive entrepreneurs.
My conclusion to two days’ exposure to the exhilarating possibilities of the Internet of Things is that it’s too huge to grasp and too easy to get carried away into a sci-fi rhapsody.
But think about it sector by sector, industry by industry, place by place, and something begins to emerge out of the mist. It is happening all round us. But it will probably not be called the Internet of Things.

Article written by Peter Day Peter Day Global business correspondent
More from Peter
Wise words from an (almost) unknown guru 12:01 UK time, Wednesday, 18 December 2013
The late Mary Parker Follett is the greatest management thinker most people have never heard of, but her ideas remain as vital as ever.
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Meena Radio A new reason to go to school!


What would you do if i said I had found a 2 way radio uhf short article that is not only interesting but informative also? I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here it is the educational, superb and fascinating editorial

PATNA: It’s a chilly winter day at Bhallui village, but a kindly sunshine bathes the campus of the Government Upgraded Middle School where, in front of the building, a group of kids in white caps are seated on the ground. In front of them sits a teacher, with a radio prominently displayed, its volume turned up. The kids are nodding their heads to a catchy tune playing on the radio. The ‘Meena ki Duniya’ programme is in session.

The Meena Radio session is in progress, starting as always, at 10:30am. The radio programme ends and the teacher facilitator, Abha Kumari, starts a discussion on the goodness of fresh vegetables, the topic of the 15-minute broadcast. Being the facilitator, she has already listened to the episode the previous day, by means of the flash drive inserted into the set. The children – sixth, seventh and eighth graders – interact with her and each other in an animated way.

Across 45 middle schools in the Rajapakar block of Vaishali, UNICEF is facilitating educational entertainment via podcast – successfully piloted in Uttar Pradesh in 2011, where the broadcast reached all schools through a tie-up with All India Radio.

‘Meena Radio’, as the ‘Meena ki Duniya’ 2 way radio magazine series is affectionately called, is delivered to the schools within Rajapakar block by means of a radio set that can read audio files through a flash drive. The radio set and a flash drive loaded with the 160 episodes have been made available to the target schools. The schools turn on the radio at the designated time: 10:30am, so that a uniformity is maintained. Students from classes 6, 7 and 8 gather at one place to listen to the programme. The designated teacher-facilitator conducts the session. After the episode is over, the teacher initiates a discussion on the topics raised. The entire session takes about half an hour.

“The session is the highlight of the school day for these children,” says Abha. “Ever since the Meena radio programme started, attendance has improved. The children from the other classes also want to listen to the programme. So, once in a while during the lunch-break, we do repeat one of the episodes as a special treat. The kids sit down very attentively and listen.”

“Meena Radio tells us that boys and girls are equal. It also says that girls should be allowed to study. But I think it’s keeping clean and washing hands that are most important,” seventh grader Chandan Kumar reflects.

So, what do they hear on Meena Radio? “Stories! Songs! Jokes! Games! To keep your school clean! All girls should study at least till high school! Don’t do toilet in the open! Use the rest room,” shout the kids in turn.

Nidhi Kumari, a seventh grader says, “Bal Sansad and Meena Manch children have made a promise to parents to get toilets built at home.” In fact, in the past one month, three students proudly announced that their parents built toilets using the benefits of a government sanitation scheme. (Meena Manch is a girls’ activity group, and Bal Sansad is the student council in all government middle schools across Bihar.)

The use of soap for hand-washing has increased across all upper primary schools accessing the programme. Upendra Prasad, a teacher stated, “The demand came from the children. They asked for soap for hand-washing. And all the children use the soap!” Now the school administration makes sure that soap is purchased, an item on the school budget that would be ignored previously.

“Kids are a powerful pressure group,” says CRCC Amodanand. “Meena has become a role model, especially for girls, and the daily dose of Meena’s adventures gives them a high level of motivation. Positive changes have been happening just because the kids have got a better self-image, and the teachers are paying more attention to the children’s needs. In a sneaky way, Meena Radio also provides role models for the teachers as well. If Meena’s teacher is so understanding, why not is Munni’s teacher?”

The popularity of the Meena Radio episodes among school children has spread to their parents and neighbourhood as well.

Chandrakeshwar Kumar, a Vikas Mitra from Bakarpur panchayat demands that ‘Meena ki Duniya’ be made available for use as a communication tool during village meetings. The women folk were especially interested in listening to Meena Radio having heard about it from their school-going children. Having listened to an episode of Meena Ki Duniya, he appreciated its value as an icebreaker that could be used as a warm-up to community meetings.

‘Radio Rimjhim’: a community radio service set up in Gopalganj district, started ‘Meena ki Duniya’ broadcasts from December 16 last year in collaboration with Bihar Education Project Council, Information and Public Relations Department, and UNICEF. The broadcasts, however, were discontinued after a few days because of ‘technical reasons’.

Meena ki Duniya, with its simple and entertaining format advocating healthy habits such as eating green vegetables, nutritious food, hands-washing, etc, has the potential to reach out to radio listeners of all ages, and promoting maternal and child health, sanitation, and healthy habits.
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It’s a chilly winter day at Bhallui village, but a kindly sunshine bathes the campus of the Government Upgraded Middle School where, in front of the building, a group of kids in white caps are seated on the ground.