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walkie talkie iphone appWhether youre a streets and sanitation worker on a snowplow or a parks and recreation crew on a maintenance call, citizens expect a certain level of performance. They want timely response and quick resolutions. How do you meet their expectations and manage an extensive field force throughout your community?

From centralised dispatch to seasonal crews, instant dispatch and unbroken communication are essential to managing your fleet, so you need a system that is 24/7/365 reliable wherever they go. A system so efficient and easy to use, it can increase safety and reduce operating costs, too.
The Challenge

Serving the public with critical services such as mass transit, public works, streets and sanitation, and parks and recreation have become even more challenging for local government today.
Despite budget cuts, citizens and businesses still expect the same commitment and quality.

How do you increase your services to in the community as budgets shrink and costs rise? How do you keep connected with work teams spread throughout the community while keeping them safe?

The Solution

Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO is the ideal solution.

Our professional digital communication system combines the best of Kenwood walkie talkie functionality with the latest digital technology. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers enhanced features that are easy to use and delivers twice the capacity of analogue systems to meet your growing communication needs. With exceptional voice quality and long battery life, MOTOTRBO keeps your mobile workers connected when communication is a must.

Our new MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series and DP2000 Series radios offer a smart new feature in digital mode Intelligent Audio that adjusts radio volume to fit an environments noise level. This means the radio
automatically boosts the volume level when the streets and sanitation crew is making roadway repairs in a busy metro area, then automatically reduces the volume when the noise level from equipment and cars is not present

Your employees are active across the community maintaining infrastructure, reading water meters, repairing potholes and responding to customer requests. Fortunately, MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios and accessories make it possible for your supervisors and dispatchers to keep in touch with your entire mobile workforce, the moment they need to. Whether texting an update to a maintenance crew or rerouting buses to handle an overflow crowd, MOTOTRBO helps you deliver more services, more effectively, to more citizens.


Communicate clearly with exceptional audio.

Using the latest digital technology, MOTOTRBO provides clearer and crisper voice communications over a wider area than analogue radios could ever do. Unlike analogue, signal strength doesnt drop off with distance or cause distracting static. MOTOTRBO digital radios deliver both voice and data with greater accuracy and virtually no loss throughout the coverage area. The result is clear communications with your workers no matter where they are in the field.

Prioritise communication immediately.

Emergencies do happen and you need to communicate with your workers when they do. MOTOTRBOs transmit interrupt suite with voice interrupt, emergency voice interrupt and data over voice interrupt enables you to prioritise critical communication the moment you need it.

Share information quickly, easily and seamlessly.

Whether you need to send directions to the next work site or receive notification a job is complete, MOTOTRBOs text messaging feature enables communication between radios
and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios.

Keep connected with your workers in the field.

Be confident your agency is staying productive and your workers are safe. Using software from a Motorola Solutions Application Development Partner and MOTOTRBOs integrated GPS gives you easy, immediate access to track your people and your assets.

Extend coverage and expand capacity.

Meet your communication needs today and in the future with a variety of MOTOTRBO solutions:

IP Site Connect uses a standard IP network to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO. You can link up to 15 sites to create a continuous network so no matter where your work crews are on the road or how remote the environment, they are rapidly and reliably connected. Or you can link up to 15 sites for communication at geographically-dispersed locations or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers.

Capacity Plus is the single site digital trunking solution that maximises the capacity of your MOTOTRBO system. Use it to enable a high volume of voice and data communication for over a thousand users at a single site, without adding new frequencies.

Linked Capacity Plus is a multisite digital trunking system configuration for the MOTOTRBO platform. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus, and the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep your staff at various locations connected with an affordable high capacity, wide area trunking solution.

Connect Plus is the scalable, multi-site digital trunking solution that helps keep your entire workforce connected
up to 2900 2 Way Radios per site. So whether theyre on road repair, snow removal, waste removal or park maintenance, they can communicate together. At the same time, you can link multiple sites, ideal for agencies with large work teams that typically operate across a wide area.

With our high capacity MOTOTRBO system, calls can be queued during busy times until an open channel is
available, important users can be assigned priority status when the system is in high demand, and a wire-line console can be used for centralised dispatch. The dynamic site roaming capability lets your people move from site to site without having to manually change channels. So they stay focused on the job and stay connected.

With our complete line of audio accessories with leading-edge IMPRES audio technology, your workers can wear headsets to further suppress ambient noise, improve voice intelligibility and amplify loudness. Now you can be confident theyll clearly hear the message and not miss a call.

Text when talking isnt practical.

Make sure workers can quickly and easily share information when voice communication isnt an option. Text messaging is ideal for sending messages that dont need an immediate response, or when voice calls are disrupting to employees on the road. MOTOTRBO streamlines time and improves safety with effortless text messaging.

Work longer shifts with long-lasting batteries.

Responding to a water main break or road obstructions after a storm requires a long shift. And your workers require communication equipment that will work the entire time. MOTOTRBO offers enhanced battery life to do just that. Our digital TDMA two-way portable radios operate longer up to 40% longer between recharges compared to analogue radios.

Our leading-edge IMPRES smart energy technology allows communication between the battery and the charger to automate battery maintenance. The result is radios are charged and ready to go the moment theyre needed.

Work harder with radios that can take it.

Your workers operate in harsh weather and tough environments and two-way radios need to be tough-as-nails. MOTOTRBO radios meet the most demanding specifications including IP57 for submersibility in water (portable models), and U.S. Military Standard 810 C, D, E, F and G.


Exceptionally clear audio, even in loud environments Access data, such as text messages, when its convenient and safe Water submersible, tough-as-nails radios Extended battery life for long work shifts Hands-free accessories keep them focused on the job and on the road MOTOTRBO PROVIDES THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR THE RIGHT USER
For security personnel in courts and other government facilities, DP4000 Series portables, combined with accessories such as a 2-wire surveillance kit, provide a safe, reliable communications solution.

Software applications such as man down enhance safety by automatically notifying dispatch when the radio moves into a horizontal position or when movement is not detected for a period of time when on a patrol, so the radio can call for help when personnel cant.

For the public works or streets and sanitation teams, DM4000 Series mobile radios provide a rugged and durable solution. Intelligent Audio ensures important calls are not missed when moving from quiet to loud locations, and GPS location tracking improves safety and efficiency by better coordinating work teams.
Available Bluetooth accessories allow drivers to stay in communication, even when they leave the vehicle.

Enhance safety with leading-edge accessories. IMPRES accessories help block out vehicle noise so transmissions get through clearly. We offer a full portfolio from visor microphones for hands-free operation to keypad microphones to transmit text messages back to dispatch. Heavy duty headsets provide improved audio and hearing protection in extremely noisy environments. Desktop microphones and tray with speaker let dispatch set up a mobile radio as a control station to quickly communicate with drivers.

New Zealand pilot crashes plane for the second time in one day


With such a lot of information on the net about walkie talkie doll’s it’s hard to find the best and largely candid articles. here is a piece of writing from a reputable blog that i believe as accurate, don’t quote me on it but please read and enjoy

A New Zealand pilot was left red faced yesterday after he crashed his plane twice in one day.

The pilot, who has not been named, was forced to make an emergency landing on Mahurangi beach, north of Aukland in New Zealand – only to crash a second time while trying to take off.

A local who spoke to the pilot told Radio New Zealand he heard on the 2 Way Radio that the plane had been forced to land on the beach because of a fuel blockage.

Bystanders then filmed the embarrassing moment the pilot fluffed his takeoff, veering into the sea before tumbling inelegantly into the sand.

A man thought to be the pilot told local media “We were too cautious. You know, staying away from the trees and the boat and whatever.”

The plane’s propeller and wing were broken, but the pilot wasn’t injured.

Walkie Talkie Headset Utilizes


What’s your favorite feature of the walkie talkie gmrs vs frs? Personally, I much like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

two way radio interferenceThere are versions of approaches to use a walkie talkie headset specific example that it can be utilised is on paintball fights. It does not only incorporate up to the fun men and women will have, but also provides far better tactical communications. With the use of a walkie talkie headset, unimaginable issues can prosper via the paintball online games and it will sooner or later generate a much more fascinating atmosphere.nAlso, it would be a excellent apply for some that are lovers of war online games or espionage groups. Well, it will not be intended for the advantage of other people who want to do damage but for the extra fun it will brought about the paintball world.nnAnother distinct case in point that a walkie talkie headset can be helpful is on design web sites. Evidently, construction employees require to go up and down numerous tales to select up info from the foreman. Imagine the squandered time that it bears just by relocating from base to leading.nnSo, the occupation of a walkie talkie headset is to serve as an details communicator so that it would be straightforward for employees to get directions from beneath with out getting disrupted palms-on. The layout of most headsets nowadays is so easy that they can be positioned into 1 ear without wires or something to maintain by fingers.nnLastly, a walkie talkie headset can be useful in security companies. Basically, it is pretty evident that the people in this portion of the modern society actually use speaking gadgets to be capable to be successful. Nicely, a huge element of them is the headset alone that made them develop a technique of immediate data from various parts of a developing.nHow can a safety agent be successful if he or she does not even know how to inform other individuals an intruding social gathering is present? So, a walkie talkie is as successful as alarms that you can locate in limited places. In addition to that, the person making use of it is in control of almost everything a human becoming can feeling.nnIt is like a all-natural bond between the gadget and the person without anything becoming left out instead of just pure computer systems guarding the residence.nTony McGuigano is the owner of the Walkie Talkie Headset web site, as properly as a web site named Scalp Psoriasis Treatment.

Motorola Solutions Expands Award-Winning APX(TM) Project 25 2 way radio Series


So to continue my run of content pieces on this blog, I have decided to share one of my favorite posts this week. I used to be cautious to include it to this site because I actually did not want to offend the initial author, but I hope he/she is happy that I enjoyed reading their work and planned to share it with my readers.

Addition of APX 1000, APX 4000XE and APX Dual Radio extends options for first responders, local utilities seeking advanced two-way communications

(IWCE, Motorola Solutions, Booth #5021) — Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced the newest additions to its award-winning lineup of APX(TM) mission-critical two-way radios. The APX 1000 and APX 4000XE portable radios, along with the mobile APX Dual Radio, bring to 13 the number of ASTRO(R) 25 radios in the APX portfolio designed with users in mind.

Users like police, fire, EMS, corrections and public works agencies will find a full array of ASTRO 25 features and functionality on the APX 1000 and APX 4000XE portable radios. The APX Dual Radio is the perfect mobile radio solution for public safety agencies wanting all-band operation. These new solutions provide users with Project 25 (P25) Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) capabilities to deliver both voice and data messaging over a single wireless communications infrastructure.


— The APX 1000 is a smaller, value-priced portable radio for utilities,
public works and small public safety agencies. The radio features
intelligent lighting and renowned APX audio quality with dual microphone
noise suppression technology. APX 1000 provides users with P25 TDMA
capabilities, including enhanced battery life and advanced radio features
and flexibility.

— Motorola’s robust series of APX Walkie Talkie for extreme conditions is rounded out with the APX 4000XE, which targets public safety agencies looking for a cost-effective portable radio designed to work in the harshest environments. This rugged and durable P25 TDMA-capable radio has an
enhanced ergonomic control top for simplified use and includes dedicated
control knobs for volume and channel selection. APX 4000XE features dual
microphone noise suppression technology and supports Bluetooth(R).

— The APX mobile radio line is expanding with the introduction of the APX
Dual Radio, providing all-band operation that enables monitoring of up to
four bands, including simultaneous monitoring of more than one channel at
a time using the Motorola O7 Mobile Radio Control Head. Designed for
public safety, the APX Dual Radio also features dual and single priority
scan technology to provide first responders with the most efficient
mobile radio capabilities.

— Earlier this month, Motorola announced another addition to the APX series
with the launch of the APX 7000L Multi-Band Portable Radio with LTE,
which was designed specifically to meet the evolving technical and
challenging deployment needs of users.

— ASTRO 25 is now the most widely used P25 mission-critical voice and data
communication network in the world. Combined with these APX radios, ASTRO
25 provides reliable and always available communication for government,
public safety and other agencies, including public works.

— Motorola’s Service from the Start for APX radios gives customers fast
repair turnaround times, increased help desk support and chemical, liquid
and physical damage coverage.


Brenda Herold, corporate vice president, Global ASTRO Products and Solutions, Motorola Solutions

“Since the Motorola APX series was launched in 2008, it has grown rapidly to meet the needs of everyone requiring mission-critical radio communications. These P25 TDMA-capable additions to our APX lineup are further examples of how Motorola Solutions is redefining safety for mission-critical users and giving them optimum choice and flexibility. Every feature and function on these ASTRO 25 radios is designed with users in mind, from the rugged, easy-to-operate design, to the loudest, clearest audio. The end result is a robust series of radios providing the right device for the right user in every situation.”


Website: APX P25 Radio Series

Website: ASTRO(R) 25 Voice and Data Communications

Website: Motorola Solutions

Facebook: Motorola Solutions

Twitter: Motorola Solutions Public Safety

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit For ongoing news, please visit our newsroom or subscribe to our news feed.

High Security with Kenwood Nexedge Walkie Talkie


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Terrorism, Contamination, Disruption to infrastructure and services, Malicious damage, Active protest, Civil unrest, Border breaches, Invasion of privacy, Piracy, Organised Crime, Data Theft, Kidnapping, Personal assault

the range of threats being managed by public and private security services, agencies and individuals changes and evolves with social, political and economic dynamics.

And while surveillance technology, physical protection and increased intelligence gathering have made a major contribution in identifying and managing threats, the central element in all robust security strategies is the ability to effect instant communication by voice or data across a wide variety of difficult environments; linking control centres with field operatives whether on foot or in vehicles.

Kenwoods analogue and digital two Way Radio systems have been proven in the highest security situations and can be found in operation within military forces, police services, public and private security agencies around the world.

Applications include air and sea ports, research facilities, government buildings, military bases, transport and utilities infrastructure, stadia, sports and entertainment venues, oil and gas processing and supply installations, data centres, cash warehouses, secure storage facilities, research facilities, shopping malls, retailers of high value goods as well as high profile personalities, in fact wherever security, safety and efficiency are key considerations.

Sheriff presents radio study result, land bank takes first cases


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The Richland County Sheriffs office could have new {Motorola walkie talkie|{2|Two} way Radio|Walkie talkie}s by early fall pending a review of an equipment test and finalizing afinancingplan through the county treasurers office.
County commissioners said during their regular meeting Tuesday that a report from Sheriff Steve Sheldon and Capt. Jim Sweat on equipment testing done late last month indicates Motorola has the best equipment at the lowest price.
Sheriffs administrators agreed to conduct a systems test from 40 locations after one vendor felt an initial test was not done as accurately as it could have been.
As a result of the first test, Sheldon recommended the county buy Motorola radios through the states Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) at an estimatedcostof $630,000.
Sweat said three vendors representing four manufacturers participated in the new test May 22 that included overallperformanceas well as repeater units to cover dead spots in the {radio|{2|Two} way Radio|Walkie talkie} systems coverage area.
After the test, which involved one cruiser and nine deputies, vendors were given 15 minutes to sell their systems, which was followed by a 15 minute question-and-answer session.
If you go by performance and standards, Motorola clearly performed the best, said Commissioner Ed Olson after an initial review of Sweats written report. The companys top model radio and its next best were the top two performers.
Sweat said Motorolas bid of $357,268 for 90 radios and portables in the second model was the lowest cost when price quotes were received from vendors May 30.
When asked about the price difference, he explained the price dropped from early estimates because of competitive bidding and the fact that the first figures were for top-of-the-line equipment.
Officials also learned that a special offer by Kenwood, another manufacturer, that would have provided free portable radios, probably would not be available for another year. Obtaining Motorola models through state purchasing could get the radios in cruisers by August or September.
Dead (radio) space is unnerving for cops, said Sheldon. Weve been living with this problem for at least a year.
After their meeting, commissioners turned their board room over to a representative of U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who conducted an hour-long listening session for the public to voice concerns and ask for help with problems. Bob Zettler, the countys workforce development consultant, said local officials would like to see changes in the federal Workforce Investment Act program to remove current limitations on who the program can help and the type of training they can receive.
George Brown from Portmans Cleveland office said the senator helped put together a senate jobs plan, which is currently going through committees. One aspect of the proposal is to close the jobs gap, Brown said. We want to untangle the strings and get money to the communities.

Ericsson and Kodiak in Europe Walkie Talkie-style push-to-talk push


2 way radio grande prairieWithout giving too much about this 2 way radio software free download short article, but I thought it fascinating and appropriate to what I’m now doing.

Some of the expert writers on the internet are at a really top level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a paperback? well every so often i like to highlight these first-rate content pieces and here is one i thought was remarkable the other day.

Push-to-talk company Kodiak has struck a deal with Ericsson to sell the systems it is currently touting to the US market through American firm Cspire to European telcos. The pair are aiming to sell these services to both real mobile network operators and virtual ones.

The technology emulates an old-fashioned walkie-talkie using 4G, Wi-Fi and cloud services. Ericsson hosts the technology platform provided by Kodiak Networks in Ericsson’s Romanian data centre. The duo are targeting it at construction, hospitality, security, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, field services, education and transportation.

They are not aiming it at the mainstay of PTT – the emergency services – as being IP-based, it’s too laggy. The example the Tetra community loves to give is that of a commander with a team of snipers giving the order “don’t shoot”, and the first half of the message getting lost as a result of latency.

One of the great advantages of PTT is that it is one-to-many. The boss of a taxi company could let all his drivers know that Tower Bridge has lifted or that Hanger Lane is packed with traffic.

The Kodiak client runs on a number of phones, including Androids and iPhones, but it is those with dedicated PTT buttons such as the Samsung Rugby flip phone and the NEC Terrain which make the best use of it.

Unlike previous attempts to sell PTT, it’s not aimed at consumers. Around a decade ago, Orange decided that Kodiak’s 2G-based PTT was perfect for teenagers and that pushing to talk, message, or send a picture was the “new SMS”. Unfortunately the latency was appalling – of the order of a minute – and teenagers decided that having a conversation where only one person could speak at a time was not a good idea.

After having told handset manufacturers that they would not get any orders unless they built PTT based on the Kodiak codec into phones, Orange then gave up on the idea and neglected to order any of the expensive devices. Ericsson’s head of IT managed services, Luigi Migliaccio says that he thinks that attempt to sell PTT was before the technology was ready and that today there may be an opportunity based around the smartphone clients.

We have seen a respectable GSM implementation of PTT in Europe, this was GSM-R a standard particularly designed for Railways. Ericsson made the hefty 330g R250s PRO handset which supported it, but GSM-R never really took off – with even the targeted market of railways falling to adopt it. Many of the markets Ericsson is aiming at are currently catered for by Tetra, which is a technology that is running out of steam. The Tetra market is expecting to go 4G but wants updates to the specification. Migliaccio says that the updates are in the works and Ericsson will implement them when they are finished.

Kodiak claims a “sub-second” latency for its product but Tetra is specced to 200ms – although in practice systems often fail to achieve this. It would take some practical demonstrations to prove to the customers that not only was the latency acceptable, but that it didn’t lead to any loss of information.

Something the cloud-based solution won’t be able to do is fall back to a device-to-device walkie talkie. Tetra devices can, in the event of the failure of the network, communicate directly with each other.

Ericsson has higher hopes for the latest implementation and point to American success with Cspire, although this will to some extent come from the closure of Nextel, which offered a PTT service and had a strong blue-collar niche.

Digital Two way radios – The Most Popular Walkie Talkie of 21st Century


walkie talkie radiosCan not get over how economical the 2 way radio network is now, an incredible deal for a top-end product!

The Digital Two Way Radios has gained lots of popularity in the field of wireless communication systems.
Besides its use in a residential area, it is extensively used in the government and industrial sectors. It is ideal when employed in the job sites or workplaces. Generally in the job sites and workplaces, the Two Way Pure Digital Radio (DMR Radio) has very much been helpful for people to communicate with each other located within the work-area.

These DMR and PMR Kenwood radio systems are Trunking Systems, which indubitably plays a major role in the construction sites. However, in the construction sites, the employees often need to communicate with each other to successfully and safely perform the job works or any construction works despite the noisy environment.
The Two Way Walkie Talkie is worthy to use in such an environment. It offers crystal clear audio quality by using the Narrowband Codecs technology and thus one can able to hear the clear voice and can safely perform the job works.

The intermittent slowdowns of network are to be expected in many corporate offices or residential areas. There is a plethora of obstacles that can weaken the signal strength and thus cause a network problem. One of the reasons of such a cause is the increasing network traffic.
Such a problem can be averted by using Trunking Systems. The Trunking radio system also uses wireless repeaters that come with many towers, and multiple frequencies, which ensures the signal strength and also allows to have conversations between many groups of users.

Thus, the Digital Two Ways Radios including the Covert Radio and Licence Free Radio (aka private radio) have been proved to be useful in various ways to the people working in all sectors including government or private, commercial or non- commercial.

Walkie Talkies, Golf Carts and Envelope Stuffing


Some of these professional writers on the net are at such a high level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a paperback? well now and then i like to highlight these superb articles and heres one i found fascinating the other day.

A familiar face to many at AIDS Walk, Shawn Mullane is hard to miss at that event every year. She can usually be spotted running around Theis Park with her AIDS Walk colleague Clair Fitzsimmons, piloting golf carts and managing logistics on walkie-talkies.

Mullanes been involved with AIDS Walk for 20 years, and her primary role now is that of a route coordinator with Ryan Gove (although, she conceded with a laugh, We have never given ourselves an official title.) She also serves on the Steering Committee, AIDS Service Foundation board and Hope Care Center board.

Ive been working on AIDS Walk as long as Michael Lintecum, Mullane said of the man who is now the events director.

She was Lintecums agent when she first got involved in the event, said Mullane, who is a co-owner of the Kansas City modeling agency called Exposure Model & Talent Agency. He was pursuing acting. Michael called me and knew that I worked on the Kansas City Blues & Jazz festival. He called me and said, Im working on this walk, and would you come and volunteer? And I said, Sure, Id be happy to.

Originally, Mullane said, she worked registration. This was back in the days when the stage was one of those trailers that you rent from Parks and Recreation and people were bringing cash and checks along with pledge forms to registration. (Today, in contrast, most of the funds come in through AIDS Walks fundraising website.)

That was my first year, and I was there collecting money. And a young girl came up, and Im going to guess she was 11-12 years old. Her mom was there with her, and she handed me an envelope. It wasnt some huge amount of money or anything like that, but they were from Columbia [Mo.”>. And I said, Oh my goodness, youve come a long way to walk and donate your money. And this very young girl looked me straight in the eye and said, My uncle died of AIDS and I really felt I should do something. And I was pretty much hooked at that point.

Ive often thought about how I wish I knew what happened to her 20 years after she did that. And her mom nodded in the background — Yeah, this is what she wanted to do.

Looking back, she said, That little girl walked up and handed me that envelope of cash that she probably raised in her neighborhood in Columbia, Mo, and this was the closest thing we could do. There was just that connection and it kept going.

Mullane volunteers at nearly every event held by the AIDS Service Foundation AIDS Bicycle Cruise, AIDS Walk Open, Beerfest, House Parties and more. She said she likes all the events and cant pick a favorite.

I dont know why I feel compelled to work, she said, laughing, but its my contribution, so to speak.

Mullane said she doesnt get involved in much of the planning, which is left to the co-chairs and others on the steering committee. But she said that the AIDS Walk Open makes for one of the longest days. After the first Open, we all sat around afterward and said, Oh, my gosh, I think I might be more tired than after the walk.

Mullane is often assisted at outdoor events by her daughter, Lila, now a freshman in high school, who has been helping her for many years. I was 7-1/2 months pregnant [with her”> at the AIDS Walk in 1999. Her grandmother brought her down the year after she was born. I dont know if shes missed one, Mullane said of her daughter. I always said I really hope her recollection of all of this is that shes proud of what Ive done, which I think she will be, since shes always been involved.

Mullanes husband, Brad Johnson, and his band play at AIDS Walk and the AIDS Bicycle Cruise.

These days, AIDS Walk is a carefully managed machine that raises more money than many other larger cities and relies on the community to make all the events happen.

We have 80-90 volunteers at the walk, said Mullane. In her years of involvement, shes done many tasks but takes delight in one thing.

I put bands on the route, she said, referring to the entertainment that walkers find along the approximately three-mile walk. She said her husbands band began performing more than 15 years ago.

Another one of her duties has been to work with Rick Cowan on the neighborhood notifications. We have to notify everyone that is along the walk that streets might be temporarily closed, Mullane said. The city has told Rick Cowan several times that we are one of the most organized and efficient events in the city.

She said they have to personally mail out about 500 notifications. She recently posted a photo on Facebook of herself and her daughter stuffing envelopes at her house.

Her colleagues at her business and some of their talent clients also volunteer to help. I ask the talent, Would you come help me on this day? One of these days, Im going to say, youll never work in this town unless you come and help me. Ive always wanted to say that, she said with a laugh.

I have always said that the reason I keep doing this is, its the people. Its the people I work with, its the people were helping, its the people who run the ASOs (AIDS Service Organizations). Its just such a wonderful, wonderful group of people. Im sure my husband is sick to death of me. I come home from everything and I say, I just worked with the most wonderful people and they do such wonderful things.

The event affects her, she said. My whole story is that little girl who handed me that money, and Im getting weepy, she said. I get weepy every year when I watch all the walkers with the banners.

Two board meetings ago, Mullane said, We were at SAVE Inc. and we got a tour. And Ive been there before, but its been a long time, and it reminded me of why we do this. Its good people doing good work.

Walkie Talkies – An Overview


walkie talkie quanshengFor years people have been telling me that family, love and happiness are the crucial things in life…Today I realise that I can take or leave all that so long as We have this two way radio lyrics scars on 45 in the world.

Walkie talkies are unique in that the half-duplex channel they operate on will only allow one radio to transmit at any time, though there are no limits to the amount that can listen.
Rather than have an earpiece similar to a telephone, they have a built in speaker so the unit does not have to be held to the ear. They are used to connect to both other handheld units and to radio stations which are in a fixed location. The typical shape is of a large telephone handset, with a fixed antenna poking out of the top of the unit.

The fist radio audio transmitter and receiver that was coined the ‘Icom radio’ was created by Motorola. The group involved created the Motorola SCR-300 using frequency modulation. This first revision was actually backpack mounted. Not long afterward, during World War 2, Motorola produced the ‘Handie Talkie’ which rather confusingly is what we would now recognise as a ‘Walkie Talkie’.

It had massively reduced performance, but was the first completely self contained handheld device.
They are widely used nowadays in both consumer and commercial environments, for example outdoor recreations, business use, military and public safety. As a result of this the prices and quality of the units vary greatly, from kids walkie talkies to rugged digital units for heavy industry use.

As technology has improved, and reduce in size, so have the housings. Normally, you will find the commercial 2 Way Radios are tougher, in protective cases and limited to a select few frequencies. Consumer versions on the other hand tend to be smaller, more lightweight and capable of scanning across far more channels within the band.

Kids walkie talkies are generally low power units, and as a result are exempt from licence requirements. Though they often look the same as fully featured versions, they are normally relatively low-tech in comparison.