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Cambridge digital {Kenwood 2 way radio|{2|Two} way Radio|Walkie talkie} technology specialist Sepura is gearing up its human resource functions to underpin ambitious international growth plans.
It has created a new senior executive role of group HR director a position that will be filled by James Giffiths.
Sepura said the new role was designed to strengthen support for Sepuras growing employee base in the UK and globally.
CEO Gordon Watling (pictured) said As we continue to broaden and strengthen the overall competitiveness of the companys offering, there is a corresponding need to develop the capabilities of our support functions.
This is particularly important in Human Resources where we need to ensure that we attract, reward, develop and retain a richer pool of talent to drive our future success.
James joins us with significant HR experience gained across a number of different market sectors, including telecommunications, which will be invaluable as we drive a longer term HR strategy that will support our business as we grow and become more diverse.
Griffiths has previously held senior executive positions with Colt Technology Services and recently Thales, where he held a number of senior HR positions in addition to being a member of a number of divisional management boards.
This is Sepuras second new senior appointment in the past two weeks, following the announcement of Chris DAguiars move into the role of VP Commercial.

How To Choose A Two way radio


quarterback communication deviceYou’ve probably stumbled upon this looking for information about communication devices locked in syndrome’s, hopefully this will help you answer some of those questions, if not please click on one of the relevant links within the article

The walkie talkie radio was developed during the Second World War to allow military personnel to communicate effectively while in combat situations. Strangely the term walkie talkie actually refers to the backpack 2 Way Radio models carried by troops, the handheld varieties being known as handy talkies amongst the troops. Today the walkie talkie radio is used in all manner of industries and in the home and like so many electrical devices has shrunk considerably from the original cumbersome models used throughout the war. In general the walkie talkie has a mouthpiece to speak into and a speaker to listen to messages; modern variants however also have earpieces for discreet applications.

Predominantly the radio comes in two types; usually these are referred to as licensed and unlicensed in the industry. Licensed walkie talkies have a specific radio frequency that communications are transmitted across; typically this frequency is isolated purely for that set of radios. An example of this would be the radios used by racing pit crews in order for them to communicate with each other, the team director and the driver whilst he is out on the track. Unlicensed varieties are normally available in most electronic stores. These are not given a specific frequency and as such as susceptible to problems with cross communication from other radio devices. Because of these problems unlicensed models are normally cheaper than licensed versions.

Considering the type of walkie talkie radio to purchase can be difficult with such a large range on the market today. Firstly it is important to assess the purposes the radios will be used for; for instance, hikers may wish to use an unlicensed model while security personnel would almost certainly need to look at licensed devices. As with any purchase it is important to research the different technologies out there before purchasing. With features such as weather channels, head set transceivers and wrist communicators there is a wide selection to choose from. At this stage it is important to stick to your needs and not buy a device with features that will never be used.

The distance that radios will have to cover is also an important consideration. Anything fewer than two miles is normal although if the distance is greater than five miles, licensed models should certainly be looked at as a more appropriate option. If it is likely that multiple users will be operating the devices a compatibility system will be required. This will allow communication between many parties and will eliminate static and interference. The power supply is naturally an important factor and should be considered carefully, rechargeable models are perfect for uses with a ready power supply but for applications away from settlements changeable batteries are a better solution.

When using the device it is important to learn how to scramble the radio communications. Many models use a voice scrambler to keep messages private while some have sub channels that allow for private communications within an existing network. As part of this it is always important to realise what is being said when speaking through the walkie talkie, conversations should be kept brief and specific to the task, anything confidential should be kept to face to face meetings.

Many thought that the walkie talkie would soon become obsolete at the advent of the mobile phone. This is a fallacy however; there are certain instances where the two way radio is far more useful, such as in areas with little or no network coverage and situations where the time lag on cell phone communications is not preferable. Hopefully this information has given an idea of the uses of walkie talkies and how to select the right model for different purposes. As technology improves it is doubtless that these devices will become ever smaller and more adept at answering people’s communication requirements.

If you have any thoughts concerning the place and how to use motorola walkie talkie, you can call us at the page.

Using 2 way radios At Work And At Home


two way radio marketYou can be safe in the knowledge that I bring the most effective two way radio shopper posts, several of them are my own a number of which are curated by me, when i decide to use somebody elses content it is because it is important to my readership, so feel confident that you simply are reading the very best from my industry.

There are so many unconventional uses for walkie talkies. One potentially great use for the hands-free walkie-talkie headset is that parents can have a head set walkie talkie engaged and communicating with their kids who may be playing in the neighborhood while they are doing chores or relaxing back at home.

Handsfree radios have what’s called VOX functionality on the headset which is excellent because it allows the user to be able to engage the headset mic and initiate radio transmissions without having to worry about hitting a button to do so.

Historically, two Way Radios were introduced into typical business practices decades ago. Technology and battery engineering made them cumbersome and difficult to use in everyday applications. Despite this, long range two-way radios were recently made super-affordable, more portable, and were given a much improved battery life.

Combine these advancements with the ability to save a ton of labor hours, cost-free talk time and you have one of the most promising bottom-line tools for just about any business.

Whether you are a child on an adventure with playmates using kids walkie talkies or an adult hiking in the far woods walkie talkies can be a dependable mode of communication. With the invention of cell phones you may consider the two way radio a mere child’s toy. But in reality it is still an important and useful way of communication for millions around the world.

Richland County Commissioners seek to fix issues with sheriff’s radios


communication device for motorcycle helmetsArticle of the Day………ok so i don’t have a piece of writing seven days a week, but if i get an opportunity I will post articles I find fascinating. Fortunate enough here is one of these articles that I read and had to share. Should you enjoy it as much as me, please add one of those special social media likes, you know the one which tells everyone you enjoyed something, rather then you sat on your arse and watched Television!
Richland County Commissioners hope to decide by the end of summer how to resolve coverage problems with the sheriffs office dispatch Walkie talkies and convert the department to a digital system.
Commissioners met Tuesday with sheriffs representatives, other officials and two potential vendors to discuss tests that were done to see if holes in radio coverage could be resolved with repeaters in cruisers instead of an entirely new system.
Sheriff Steve Sheldon told commissioners in March that an experiment with low band repeaters in several cruisers did not resolve the coverage problems and recommended the county buy Motorola brand radios through the states Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) at an estimated cost of $630,000. The MARCS radios would meet upcoming federal digital requirements.
Earlier this month, Arlin Bradford of Vasu Communications, which maintains the Radio system, said the test was not done as well as it could have been. He said buying Kenwood brand MARCS-compatible radios through state purchasing would cost just under $400,000 and provide double the number of portable radios through a limited-time upgrade offer. The extra portables could be distributed to township and village police and fire departments to help them save on digital conversion, he said.
On Tuesday, administrative Sgt. Jim Sweat disputed the suggestion that the test was not done well. Our test was to turn the radios on and press the button to talk, he said. We did not try to scan channels or do anything else with the functionality of the system.
Sweat said the Motorola radios offered through MARCS were better and more reliable than the Kenwood model Bradford proposed. He also offered to conduct a test of both systems from 40 locations including one in each township and one internal location at each rural school. He estimated the test would take two or three days.
What it comes down to is we agree that MARCS is the system were going with, and its a matter of what end user system we use to communicate with MARCS, Sweat said.
Butler police Chief Brian Darby urged officials to make sure the Butler and Bellville areas are evaluated. Butler and the Clear Fork Valley have no communications right now, he said, noting that he never had a problem with Motorola 2 way Radios when he was an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper. Ive been around since MARCS was conceived, but if another radio works as well, thats fine.
Frank Cody, a Motorola representative with Bender Communications Mansfield office, said testers should make sure MARCS programs the same feature sets and talk groups into all brands of radios tested. He said officials also should use the same antennas and microphones in order to get a complete replication of what deputies will use in the field.
Commissioners also want an accurate figure for the number of radios needed, including upgrades for any jail-related units. Commissioner Ed Olson said the board hopes to decide on a solution by early July and have the treasurers office complete the paperwork by early August.
Its essential that we propose equipment to maintain the safety of officers in the field. Safety is utmost over cost, Olson said. If the officer is safe, that goes a long way to keeping the public safe.
In other business Tuesday:
Commissioners approved an extended payment plan for the sanitary sewer connection fee for a new Subway Restaurant on Interstate Circle off Hanley Road.
The board approved a contract with Page Excavating of Lucas, which was the low bidder for a flood plain demolition of a home on Ohio 61 north in Shelby.
The board had an hour-long executive session with Dayspring officials to discuss a personnel issue.

Cheap Two way radios


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A radio headset is an advanced sort of that old bulky walkie talkies. The most recent two-way communication headphones are sleek, smartly designed and highly comfortable so you might want to look into two way radios as these can help you and your business out with all of your needs here. Many people believe that they’re only intended for children, however, this isn’t true. These headphones may be helpful to have an adult also. While using the one of these simple headphones, you are able to easily stay up-to-date on where your kids are and what they’re as much as. Likewise, you may also remain in touch together with your babysitter or possibly a detailed by friend. The main advantage in making use of this is you will keep in constant touch with someone while ongoing using the task at hands. Thus, it offers the versatility of the Wireless headset with no cost or any other disadvantages of 1!

Based upon your usage, you are able to choose from 2 kinds of Walkie Talkies. The first is ideal for brief range communication (roughly 2 mile radius), as the other is perfect for lengthy range communication (up to and including 10 mile radius). The previous are classified as the FRS radios as the latter are referred to as GMRS radios, each of them work on different wavelengths. While FRS radios can be used for small reasons like communication within the home or possibly as kid’s toys, GMRS radios are often employed for emergency reasons and therefore they might require permission so it is definatley worth looking through things like the Kenwood TK3301 to help you out here.

There’s lots of variety available for sale for. Based upon your need, you may either get a complete on mind set which has noise reduction with muffled loudspeakers along with a Mic using the noise cancellation factor, or you are able to pick u a radio with light loudspeakers and microphone, which are extremely light and thin but they are durable nonetheless. If you’re interested in obtaining a great headset like a toy for any boy, you’ll be able to purchase one, which has a scope, evening vision glasses and actual light!

For more on 2 way radio take a look at the internet site.

Benefits of Wireless LAN


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Neighborhood systems (LANs) are crucial for conducting business with walkie talkies in present day atmosphere. Network data, tools and knowledge all have to be utilized by various staff and companies inside a reliable fast and joyful manner. Selecting a LAN system along with a preferred provider is definitely an important decision for it staff. So, do you know the advantages of a ‘cisco’ Wireless LAN system?


Like a global multinational company with 17 many years of experience of electronic devices and communications technology, ‘cisco’ Systems Corporation. is really a effective, established company which has created a status for customer support and satisfaction.

Easy installation

Aside from the truth that huge engineering activly works to install the copper wire and fibre-optic cable essential for a wired LAN disrupt business and therefore are costly, the disruption towards the network and delay in being able to be used will also be problems. Besides a ‘cisco’ Wireless LAN require much less disruption throughout its installation, however the speed where it shall be ready to go can also be greatly superior.


‘cisco’ Wireless LANs could be a very cost-effective solution for business. In comparison towards the installation costs of wired LAN, substantial savings are apparent, particularly when it involves connections between separate structures. Copper wire won’t suffice over such distances for Icom two way radios because of conductivity restrictions and the price of fibre-optic cabling could be prohibitive. ‘cisco’ wireless access bridges effectively conduct LAN procedures between structures for any affordable cost. Minimal hardware is needed and installation guy-hrs are substantially reduced resulting in a minimal total price of possession.

Transferability of Hardware

While a company having a 5 year lease can consider copper wire installation for any wired LAN to become a sensible cost, individuals with shorter rents cannot manage to invest just as much profit these sunken costs that can’t be retrieved. Companies which have a shorter lease should keep in mind that a ‘cisco’ Wireless LAN can be viewed as to become a movable investment that may travel with the organization.

Customer Support

Like a global company having a huge share of the market, ‘cisco’ Systems Corporation knows the need for customer support and tech support team in winning new clients and retaining existing ones. Additionally they include enhanced diagnostic tools and troubleshooting capacity using their wireless solutions to ensure that IT staff can proactively cope with issues because they arise.

Integration of Wired and Wireless Technology

‘cisco’ infrastructure and Internet Operating-system software combines wireless and wired LAN systems. This enables cost-effective security, management, deployment and control for companies. The all inclusive costs of possession is low, while mixing the very best aspects of wired and wireless networking.

High Amounts of Security

Cisco’s Wireless LAN Invasion Prevention System and Invasion Recognition System are state of the art tools. Scalping strategies safeguard information, enforce compliance with security guidelines and contain/control wireless risks. Wireless and RFID products are monitored in the Wireless LAN infrastructure permitting resource monitoring, location security, equipment policy enforcement also it management. The satisfaction that Cisco’s secure wireless systems give is valuable for business success.

Isle of Man to get two new Two way radio transmitters


communication device gatewayWithout giving too much about this 2 way radio uk cheap piece, but I found it fascinating and relevant to what I’m currently doing.

Two new digital radio transmitters are to be sited in the Isle of Man, the BBC has announced.

It is part of a move to bring the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service to 2.5 million people in the British Isles before the end of 2015.

A BBC spokesman said the transmitters will be co-sited with the existing television transmitters at Port St Mary and Ramsey.

The Isle of Man currently has one transmitter in Douglas.

The service will carry the BBC’s nationwide services; Radios 1 to 5 live, 1Xtra, 4 Extra, 5 live sports extra, 6 Music, Asian Network and World Service.

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two Way Radios in Motorsports


My basic review of a new article it begins well, looks quite cool, is simple to run and actually energy efficient, the 2 way radio distance is a top quality item. I’m pleased I purchased it, read more beneath.

Every employer has a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees in the workplace and equally that persons not in their employment are “not exposed to risks to their health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable” – with the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act introduced in 2007, the implications for enterprises in the public and private sectors of not taking lone worker protection seriously have escalated.

two Way Radios are already widely in use in lone worker applications across chemical and manufacturing plants, utilities, mining, security and transport industries where personnel often cover large, remote areas or operate in hazardous environments.

However, with the increase in flexible working times, care in the community services, home deliveries and reductions in workforces operating from fixed locations, more people than ever are now operating as lone workers, often in situations where they may be exposed to potential accidents and inappropriate or violent behaviour.

While the reliability and quality of any Kenwood two-way radio would prove to be an asset in most lone worker scenarios, the NEXEDGE® range of digital two-way hand portable walkie talkies and mobile in-vehicle two-way radio units offer much more than the ability to transmit voice and data instantly and efficiently.

All models feature Emergency Key and Emergency Call features as standard, while some advanced models additionally offer Lone Worker and an Emergency Advanced Motion Detection Function, which make them ideal for incorporating within a robust health and safety and lone worker policy.

NEXEDGE® Digital Two-way Radios with Lone Worker features include both hand-portable walkie talkies and mobile in-vehicle units.

Top Radio Frequency Detector for your Choice


Again one more short article i thought was interesting on the issue of two way radio q codes’s, what would you do if i didn’t post this ehh? you would have to find the original content, and the chances you found it would be slim, so deem yourself blessed that i have shared this glorious piece with you.

two way radio serviceThe future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Each one in their growth road, always meet with different kinds of challenges and temptations, success always belong to those who make great efforts and defeat these disadvantages and finally reach the top of the mountain, such as Barack Obama of USA, Chairman Mao in China or Vladimir Putin in Russia.
No one knows their pains behind their glorious moments. From child to adult, how many days they are facing with dangers or hard time, no one cares. But they still believe that their dream in the future will be realized beautifully. Let’s turn back to ourselves, life is not smooth all the time, sometimes you will have nightmare, sometimes you will feel lonely and sometimes you are in a dangerous situation without noticing, all above may be the moment we need to live through, how to make it will be what you need to do.

One day, you as a represent of you company to make a contract with another company, every detail you need to negotiate with that corporate representative, the final base number of the tender, the secret information of this cooperation and other no missing details.
Suddenly some evil guys from your competitors disguise themselves as one of clients there and steal all your secrets there. Using some sneaky recording or shooting devices to achieve all their evil purposes. All beautiful dreams about the future may be ruined in just one second.

What you will blame on, only yourselves, if you still have no awareness of risks, if you haven’t got the Radio Frequency Detector , be careful, maybe you have been recorded or eavesdropped for a period of time.
A radio frequency detector is a kind of 2 Way Radio device which can detect certain wireless transceivers by employing the technique of RF wireless broadband detection. Its effective transmitting frequency is between 100 to 2600 MHZ, so you can widely use it for 10 meters distance range.

This detector device has been applied into some places where no leakage of any important information, such as business meetings, private conversations or some discussions about secret motions, etc. Under the security of this gadget, you can completely get out of the extra worries about some evil guys’ evil doings.
The radio frequency detector will be the necessity in the road to your final goal.

Different actions will lead to different results, some bad, some good. So from now on you should be clear enough to make decision to get some necessary kits for securing your business life, such the GPS jammer, this radio detector or cell phone jammer. You know, every successful man know how to take use of tools to overcome some troubles.

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Motorola DP 3400 Two way radio Review


You’ve probably stumbled upon this looking for information about two way radio waterproof’s, hopefully this will help you answer some of those questions, if not please click on one of the relevant links within the article

We are grateful to be able to review the Motorola DP3400 2 way radio, this has been on the market for a while, but over the last few years you would have seen this radio used in many shopping centres, office buildings and venues across the UK.


There’s quite a lot that makes the DP 3400 more than just another two-way radio. For a start, the DP3400 employs a single-site trunking solution that can allow over a thousand users to share information, and even data, with each other, without adding new frequencies.

The DP 3400 2 way radio also comes complete with an emergency button, this button, when pushed, automatically alerts the supervisor (or dispatcher) to any possible trouble without the user having to speak even a single word. Such a safety feature works in tandem with the DP 3400’s ‘Emergency Signalling’ capability, a function that will send an emergency signal to a pre-determined person or group.

The DP 3400 is capable of signal migration for both analogue and digital signals; it easily (and handily) combines traditional radio technology with cutting edge digital methods.
The radio comes in both UHF (4w) and VHF (5w).

This model also comes with a cradle that charges your battery for you, it is an excellent charger, representing an efficient design and complete user-friendliness.


This is a neat little gizmo, but Motorola know that. The price of £350 might seem a little steep at first, but if its professional quality you’re after, then you should be prepared to pay a professional price.


Despite having a decidedly utilitarian feel overall, the outer design actually benefits from a softer, ‘sanded down’ finish. With smoother edges and a more contemporary feel, this two-way radio doesn’t seem as Spartan as a more military or security-centric model might. It provides all the same functions, but the end result is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing and somehow more reassuring. In short, this model will be better for business.

The brightly lit buttons are also very useful if you’re using the radio at night. It’s a Tricolour LED, so the lights appear modern and pleasing.

This is a very tough little device, with a sturdy outer casing and what appears to be shock proofing all the way around. The body of this radio is so well sealed that not even a particle of dust or grit can penetrate it. It can even be fully submerged in water for 30 minutes without succumbing to permanent damage.

The belt clip is sturdy and holds the radio to your belt so well, that you never fear it will fall off. You also get a dust cover, which protects the open accessory port in the event that you aren’t using any accessories. This is a welcome feature that is always nice to see. The addition of programmable side buttons is also a very welcome feature of the DP 3400.

The DP 3400 also benefits greatly from a very long battery life, which is ideal for outdoor work.


This is a marvellous radio. It is suitable for any number of events/functions. The sound comes through clearly, the large microphone/speaker setup allows for ease of use and the entire package is exceptionally well made. The DP 3400 is smart, user friendly and very high quality.

The only knock I’d give it is that the battery, although excellently designed, is somewhat heavy. That’s it.

However, I still think that the aforementioned episode of ‘Spaced’ would have gone a lot more smoothly if they’d invested in a couple of these little beauties.

The impressive Motorola DP3400 radio can be found on this website