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motorola two way radio quad packRapid Satellite provides the best selection of Sirius Radio satellite equipment was one of the first web sites I found offering satellite radio satellite equipment. They only carry Sirius satellite radio products, but they have a good selection.

Right now is having a great special programming offer. For $129 you can get a Sirius satellite radio system for both the home and car. Pay $179 now and get a $50 rebate from Sirius Radio. I bet they won’t be continuing that offer for long as they’ll get sold out overnight! That is one heck of a deal. I was pricing XM Radio for car and home and the prices were significantly higher on other websites. But for $129 getting satellite radio for car and home? That’s what I call a no brainer. Click the link here to see for yourself. What a deal. I still can’t believe it.

Almost forgot to mention that if you pay for a year’s service of Sirius satellite two Way Radio they’ll throw in three months free. That’s not a bad deal folks.

Ok now on to review what satellite equipment has to offer for Sirius Radio buffs.
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver (requires Plug-n-Play Module)
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes just the Sirius tuner & remote. Requires a Home Adapter Kit and/or Vehicle Adapter Kit. $99.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner (Requires Home or Car Module)
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius Tuner and Remote. Requires a Vehicle Adapter Kit and/or Home Adapter Kit. $99.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Plug & Play Home Use Kit
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and home adapter kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Vehicle Plug & Play Kit
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and Vehicle Adapter Kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Home Plug & Play Kit
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and Home Adapter Kit. $149.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ FM Wireless Vehicle Plug & Play Kit
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and FM Wireless Vehicle Adapter Kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Both Home & Vehicle Plug & Play Kit ($129.99 after $50 Sirius Rebate)
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote, Home Adapter Kit and Vehicle Adapter Kit. ($50 Sirius Rebate) $179.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Both Home & FM Wireless Vehicle Plug & Play Kits (149.99 After $50 Sirius Rebate)
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius Tuner, Remote, FM Wireless Vehicle Adapter Kit & Home Adapter Kit. $199.99

As you can see I really like for their package selections at reduced prices. They really know how to entice someone to buy! is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online and #1 in consumer satisfaction among cable and satellite TV suppliers as rated by J.D. Power and Associates. Basically, you can trust this company that when you order you’ll get what you ordered with no problems.

After you put the item in your shopping cart and decide to checkout you’ll need to create an account. Just the usual of name, address, username, password which speeds up the checkout process later and allows you to not type it all back in the next time you purchase from them. They cannot ship to P.O. boxes, so you’ll have to use a real address. The not shipping to P.O. Boxes is from credit card fraud. People steal credit cards and then get items shipped to P.O. Boxes. Cutting out shipping to P.O. Boxes cuts out that fraud.

After you enter your delivery address they’ll run it past the USPS to make sure there are no problems delivering your item. That’s a really nice feature that they double check your address. Shipping was only $9.99 for a receiver shipped to my zipcode in the middle of nowhere. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Their toll free phone number that is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week is always visible at the upper left corner of every page. I don’t know about you but that inspires confidence in them for me.

Communication Gadgets


Again a different piece i found fascinating around the issue of 2 way radio vox’s, what would you do if i didn’t post this ehh? you’d have to check out the original article, and the chances you found it would be slim, so think yourself lucky that i’ve shared this glorious piece with you.

Communication is one of the main things we cannot live without. Exactly how should we express ourselves, send information, or even talk to somebody without speaking? Due to its importance, our ways of connection has been increased by specialists and inventors. These types of frequent platforms are the types that people use everyday so that you can communicate with each other and indeed, we can’t ever picture existence with out these. Below are a few with the common mediums that people use when communicating to one another.

The Web – This is the newest and best method regarding conversation nowadays. Utilizing the computer, individuals are able to hook up to other individuals around the world. In addition you will get almost everything that you seek for through the internet.

Telephones – Though this tool is kind of old already, it is still being used today. Telephones had been actually among the most ancient means of connection. Nonetheless, because the technology is growing, the particular telephones nowadays perform better compared to those of the early times.

Icom walkie talkie – These types of gadgets had been utilized through the early occasions. This gadget however, can only perform quick communications in just a certain range. Nowadays, radios are still being used by certain people and even used by children for fun.

Mobile phones – The actual physical appearance of the mobile phone is in fact related to the telephone. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have any chord and you may bring it wherever you go.

Cell Mobile phones – Inspired from the mobile phone, another high-technological gadget was invented. The very first sets of cell phones had been actually quite simple combined both the characteristics of the pager and a mobile phone. By using the cell phone, you can deliver messages which are what we call text messaging. You may also call individuals with this gadget provided that you’ve got sufficient cellular phone load balance. Nevertheless, individuals were not really that happy by these functions which directed specialists and inventors to add more and more applications into it. Nowadays, a complex cell phone already features a front and back digital camera, camcorder, games as well as other engaging apps, sound recorder, ipod, tv, radio, and internet access.
Experts and also specialists continue to be searching for alternative ideas to make our ways of connection wider. Nevertheless, we could additionally discuss the thoughts and concepts in relation to this particular topic. For this reason, there are plenty of community forums nowadays where we could exactly take part in. Some of these are composed of cell phone forums, phone forums, and all sorts of other discussion boards with regards to communication.



So to carry on my run of posts on this website, I have decided to share one of our favorite content pieces this week. I was cautious to add it to the site because I actually didn’t wish to offend the initial author, but I trust he/she is glad that I loved reading their work and planned to share it with my readers.

A new weapon in the fight against terrorism was unveiled in Asia today by Cambridge UK Walkie Talkie communications technology business Sepura.

It has launched groundbreaking, noise eliminating technology branded NN5 for covert operatives working in political and military missions.

NN5 is specifically designed to help covert teams operate in environments with high levels of electro-magnetic interference; it eliminates noise in places such as cars, vans, trains, factories and shopping centres where covert teams often experience interference.

NN5, launched at GPEC Asia in Malaysia, comprises a range of discreet earpieces and a specially-designed facility connector. Its transmitter uses a novel, specialised audio signal modulation method, specifically developed to provide optimum performance in conjunction with the advanced digital signal processing implemented in the NN5 digital wireless receiver.

As a result, the NN5 is said to achieve outstanding speech quality across the whole spectrum of covert applications where standard inductive devices are inoperable. The NN5 earpiece is also described as the smallest discreet version on the market.

Jonathan Hamill, director of covert specialist solutions at Sepura, said: Covert operatives have experienced background noise in vehicles and other places with high electro-magnetic interference for years. The NN5 solves this problem.

This means that covert teams will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in locations where the inability to eliminate noise posed significant issues. By eliminating noise interference and providing a small, discreet earpiece, the NN5 is the ideal and seamlessly integrated solution for covert teams and enables them to operate safely.

Sepura is the undisputed leader in the global covert market. The launch of the NN5 demonstrates our commitment to technological development and our ability to listen to customer issues and deliver innovative, well thought-out solutions.

Sepura has won Business Weeklys coveted International Trade title for the last two years.

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MH370 Motorola cargo comprised walkie-talkies, besides batteries and chargers


Wow. The newest Two way Radio is spectacular. I mean it is just so beautiful so highly developed. I pity those who grew up without the Walkie talkie.

A two-tonne consignment aboard the ill-fated MH370 flight is believed to comprise walkie-talkies, lithium ion batteries and their chargers.
The cargo manifest released in the preliminary report of the incident shows that the plane was carrying 200kg of the batteries while the balance is said to be radio accessories and chargers.
The revelation by Malaysia Airlines confirms a report on March 25 that revealed that the shipper of the lithium ion batteries, Icom radios and chargers was Motorola.
Quoting a source at that time, reported that the goods were shipped from the factorys facility in Penang.
The goods were sent by lorries to the KL International Airport, and based on the master air waybill, the items were sent from Penang on March 6.
Of the 2.4 tonnes that was shipped from the plant in Penang, only about 200kg comprised the batteries.
Though the cargo manifest and master air waybill indicated lithium ion batteries, it did not reveal that walkie-talkies made up the rest of the consignment.
MAS later said in a statement that they were radio accessories and chargers.
The air waybill prepared by NNR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd on behalf of its client, Motorola, showed that two loads were packed, one being 1,990kg for 133 pieces and another being 463kg for 67 pieces.
The batteries and accompanying goods were later shipped by NNR Global Logistics, while the balance divided into 13 packages, were forwarded by Kerry Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
The cargo manifest showed the plane carried 9,947kg in three large shipments.
While mangosteens from Muar, Johor weighed the heaviest at 4,566kg and the 2,453kg worth of lithium ion batteries and accompanying goods (written up only as consolidated) are more or less accounted for, the other 2,250kg of consolidated items have sparked interest.
A source familiar with aviation forwarding industry practices said the mystery surrounding the cargo manifest and the exact loads that went onto the ill-fated MH370 can only be resolved if MAS revealed the house air waybills.
The source added that without the house air waybill and the packing list, the cargo manifest and the master air waybill were redundant because only those two documents would properly state the goods and the shipper.
It is understandable that MAS cannot reveal the other two documents simply because they may not have it.
As for the house air waybill and packing list, the Customs Department, the freight forwarder and the shipper should come forward and reveal them, he said.
Days after the Beijing-bound flight went missing along with 239 passengers and the crew onMarch 8, Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said the plane was carrying 200kg of small lithium ion batteries.
He said the load was not considered hazardous as it was packaged in accordance to safety regulations.
In response, the aviation source said though the shipment contained batteries and declared as dangerous goods, they are within specified permissible levels.
The dangerous threshold for lithium ion batteries is not measured by its weight but its watt per hour measurement. For instance, a handphone probably would measure 100 grams watt per hour which is not lethal.
The watt per hour measurement indicates the battery activity by the hour, he had said while cautioning that forwarding companies and shippers often failed to declare hidden dangerous goods in the shipment.
These include flammable liquids, lubricants, corrosive and oxidising materials that could and have resulted in fires onboard flights, he said.
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Walkie-Scorchie problems nearly fixed, Land Securities says


2 way radio for carWith very little information on the internet about 2 way radio kitchener’s, it is very rare when we get a chance to re post, with permission, an article from this industry.

Property company Land Securities said it was close to fixing the problems at its Walkie Talkie City skyscraper (called this because it looks like a two Way Radio) after the glare from the building melted car parts on the street below over the summer.

Chief executive Robert Noel said the problems at the building, which is still under construction, would not delay tenants moving in or exceed the budget set aside for its 240m share of the development.

“A solution is in the final stages of design and implementation will commence shortly. Despite the solar glare issue of the summer, occupiers have not been blinded to the efficiency and location of the building. We are close to resolving the issue and it will not delay occupation nor inflate budgeted cost,” he said.

The glare from the 37-storey building, officially known as 20 Fenchurch Street but which has now been nicknamed the “Walkie-Scorchie”, was so strong that a motorist claimed it melted part of his Jaguar parked on the street below.

Business owners in the area said the reflected sun rays caused paintwork to blister and tiles to crack, while others proved the heat was so intense it was possible to fry an egg.

Noel said that the solar shading solution would be installed when the weather improved, and in time for when office workers move in next year in September.

Land Securities is in a joint venture with Canary Wharf Group on the scheme, designed by the architect Rafael Violy.

Violy said in September he predicted the building might reflect hot sun rays to the street below but “didn’t realise it was going to be so hot”.

The building is 56% pre-let, with negotiations on a further 20% of space close to completion.

In terms of Land Securities’ retail portfolio, Noel said while there were signs the UK economy was improving and “the retail market has turned a corner”, consumers remained under pressure.

“Although there is improvement in the UK economy, headwinds persist in retail property as we believe the consumer, with lower real income and faced with rising non-discretionary expenditure, will remain under pressure.

“With an increasing population and healthy demand in all sectors, we view London property as distinct, although not divorced, from the overall UK economy.”

Announcing first-half results for the six months to 30 September, he said net assets per share a key measure for property companies rose 3.6% to 994p from 31 March.

The rise was driven by an increase in value of its portfolio and profits on disposals. Underlying earnings increased 8.9% to 156.5m.

He said the market was “highly competitive”, which meant sales of assets would likely exceed spending and acquisitions in the second half.

“It is likely that revenue profit will be slightly lower than in the first half as we lose income from sales.”

Land Securities opened its latest shopping centre, Trinity Leeds, in March, with plans underway for new retail schemes in Glasgow, Oxford and Guildford.

The company announced that Sir Stuart Rose, the former chief executive of Marks & Spencer, will step down as a non-executive director in January.

At the same time Cressida Hogg, the managing partner of infrastructure at 3i, and Edward Bonham Carter, chief executive at Jupiter Fund Management, will join as non-executive directors.

The company recommended a first-half dividend of 15.2p a share, up 2.7%.

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Zebra to spend $3 45B on Motorola business


For years people have been telling me that relations, love and happiness are the important things in life…Nowadays I realise that I can take or leave all that so long as I have this Walkie talkie in the world.
Zebra Technologies will spend more than $3 billion to buy the enterprise business of Motorola Solutions in a considerable expansion that is both technological and geographical.
The acquisition would broaden the bar-code company’s logistics capabilities and create or expand its footprint in more than 100 countries. Shares of the Lincolnshire, Ill., company spiked more than 6 percent in premarket trading Tuesday.
Motorola’s enterprise business makes hand-held bar code scanners and mobile and tablet computers, among other products. Zebra Technologies Inc. also makes plastic cards and, radio-frequency identification tags.
Motorola Solutions Inc., which is based about 20 miles away from Zebra in Schaumburg, will continue to make voice and data communication products for government and public safety customers.
Zebra will fund the acquisition with about $200 million in available cash and $3.25 billion in debt. The companies expect to close the deal by the end of the year.
Motorola also released preliminary first-quarter earnings and revenue that missed Wall Street expectations. The company said Tuesday it expects revenue to fall about 9 percent to around $1.8 billion, due in part to lower-than-expected North American government business. It expects adjusted earnings of 50 cents per share.
Analysts forecast, on average, earnings of 51 cents per share on $1.88 billion in revenue, according to FactSet.
The sale announced Tuesday, however, overshadowed those headwinds and company shares rose more than 3 percent, to $66.
The company will hold a May 1 conference call to discuss results.
Shares of Zebra rose $4.42 to $72.70 about a half hour before markets opened.

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North Olmsted accepts new digital police 2 Way Radios from Cuyahoga County to improve communications


The world is stuffed with very cool, well written content. If you find one which catches your eye, you have to post it, well i do! so with permission of the original author i’ve posted this for you to take pleasure in

The city’s police department will receive 20 new digital radios without charge from Cuyahoga County as part of an effort to switch local police departments to a new radio system that allows for improved communication between departments.

The new radios, which use the state’s Multi-Agency 2 Way Radio Communication System, are valued at more than $60,000, according to a resolution approved by City Council accepting the radios. The county purchased the Motorola radios using federal homeland security grants. Cuyahoga County cities have been applying to the county for the radios, which are being distributed to reduce the cost to local communities for switching radio systems.

“This only provides a part of the radios we need,” said North Olmsted police Detective Chuck Fioritto.

The city needs a total of 40 to 43 digital radios before it can switch to the new communications system. It may qualify for some additional free radios from the county, but it also may end up purchasing some units. The city is still looking at its options, said Detective Robert Wagner.

The MARCS system uses a series of towers located across the state that allow any department on the MARCS network to communicate with any other department, state agency or hospital using the network.

The North Olmsted Fire Department already is using the system.

“The MARCS system is a closed system, but it goes statewide,” Safety Director Donald Glauner said. “If, for instance, North Olmsted were to pursue somebody and they got as far as going down (Interstate) 71, they could contact the Mansfield post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.”

The current radio system makes it difficult for officers to communicate with anyone more than one or two communities away.

Fioritto said the biggest benefit likely would be that departments across a wide area could easily communicate in the event of a widespread disaster.

“This is a result of 9/11 when New York and New Jersey police and fire had difficulties communicating with each other,” Fioritto said.

The North Olmsted Police Department hopes to make the switch to the new digital radio system within a few months.

“It should be a huge improvement for everybody,” Fioritto said.